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Claire Ratushny



So many brands with so many similarities. Is it any wonder that many brands are struggling? Does it surprise anyone that in every sector there are brands that are subsisting on an ever shrinking sliver of the pie?


The problem? Please reread the first sentence of my post. There doesn’t seem to...


It takes time to build a brand. Time to gain visibility, traction and trust. Time to build consumer sales.


Rebranding is a serious matter. It should never be undertaken lightly when it comes to heritage brands. Often, a simple tweaking is necessary to remain relevant—rather than a major overhaul....


We live in an ultra-competitive society. And we live in a society which loves winners and dismisses losers. That’s part of the reason why people take it so hard when they botch something or lose at something after putting in significant effort to succeed. I mean: what will people think? What will they...

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Claire Ratushny firmly believes that every business has a deep-rooted reason for being. Entrepreneurs and business owners bring vision and passion to their businesses, and our communities. They fuel our economy by offering great products and services. But far too often, the full potential of businesses is unrealized because of a lack of clear positioning and limited or misdirected marketing communications.


Most businesses need a clear marketing strategy and strong marketing content. Many benefit from a solid public relations strategy, as well. 


For 30 years, Claire has enjoyed a diverse career in companies large and small. Her background includes positions in marketing, public relations, management, purchasing and advertising. Claire has honed her experience in B2B and B2C businesses. She has become skilled at generating expert marketing content and draws from a deep well of knowledge in several sectors.


“Writing clear, targeted marketing content requires hands-on business experience, commitment and skill. It all begins with careful strategy, planning and collaboration with you, the client. It’s crucial to write for business from the perspective of being a combination of both: a business professional and a writer.”


Claire resides in Connecticut but works for clients nationwide. Past and current clients come primarily from the following industry sectors:


  • Natural product industry
  • Food and beverage
  • Personal care
  • Nutrition
  • B2B consulting services
  • Graphic and industrial design industries
  • Apparel and home products retailing

Call or email me. Let's talk. 


Claire Ratushny

Phone: 802-999-8981

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