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You can bet that most companies and brands are totally focused on selling these days and that the hard sell tactics of the past are child’s play compared to what’s going on now.


Sure, it’s more competitive than ever out there and new business isn’t always easy to land in spite of all of our...


We have too many business owners and CEOs looking askance at their marketing efforts these days. Some are convinced that their marketing isn’t working at all and others feel it isn’t working effectively. (They’re probably right.) That’s why they’re looking for ROI to substantiate that their marketing...


Mark Twain was quoted once as saying: “I’ve lived through some terrible things in my life, some of which actually happened.” He’s always been one of my favorite American writers because Twain had deep insights into human nature and an uncanny way of summing things up in a dry, succinct manner. He had...

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Write Strategy. Write Content. Write Results.



Are you attracting as many customers as you’d like to? Are searches leading them to your business? If they find your website, are customers finding what they’re looking for?

If you answered “Yes” to these questions good for you! But if you can’t say “Yes”, or you know you could be doing more business, read on.


Your customers are searching for the very products and services you offer. But here’s the rub: your competitors are offering the very same products and services. If they can’t find you or they find your competitors first you have a problem.


So what can set your business apart?

A clearly articulated strategy based on unique brand positioning. . .and marketing communication on your web site, marketing brochures, white papers and company news. The “write content” communicates your core brand and offerings in a compelling manner. It captures your uniqueness and expertise, speaking directly to your customer so that your business becomes their “go to” resource.


You’re close to your business. It takes a subjective marketing professional to take all of the information about your business, digest it and boil it all down to a simple premise to your prospective customer. This is who you are. This is what you do. It’s called clarity.


Clarity leads to unique positioning and brand differentiation. Crucial for your business to break out of the pack.  


Why content marketing?

Your customer is bombarded by advertising messages and guess what? They see it as spam. Stop talking “at” the customer, hoping for a response. Start engaging by creating a conversation with your customers, drawing them to your business and your web site by placing key words that go to your expertise and the core of your business. There are fabulous tools at your disposal: your web site should be packed with helpful information that solves your customers’ problems and showcases your expertise. 


Strategy? Positioning? Content? Why invest in it?

This is all about making the smartest marketing investment for your buck. It’s about getting your targeted customers to come to you to purchase products and services; not your competitors. It helps build your presence, your brand and your reputation more effectively than any other marketing strategy. It makes a leader of your business. What is that worth?


You haven’t the time or the expertise to do this?

Outsource it. Whether you need consulting, help with brand positioning, designing a strategy, creating compelling content or all of the above; whether you need one project executed, occasional consultative support or ongoing content development and placement, it’s all available for your business.


Marketing content: White papers--bylined articles--newsletters--blog posts & social media help your customers to find your business.  


PR content: Trade articles--press releases--speeches & presentations bring your business to the next level. 


Who can you entrust this to?

A professional with 30 years of experience in many sectors: retailing, the food business, natural products industry, soft and hard-line consumer products, service consultancies. I’m a professional content writer who knows business. . . a business professional who knows how to write compelling content.”


Call or email me. Let's talk. 



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