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So many brands with so many similarities. Is it any wonder that many brands are struggling? Does it surprise anyone that in every sector there are brands that are subsisting on an ever shrinking sliver of the pie?


The problem? Please reread the first sentence of my post. There doesn’t seem to...


It takes time to build a brand. Time to gain visibility, traction and trust. Time to build consumer sales.


Rebranding is a serious matter. It should never be undertaken lightly when it comes to heritage brands. Often, a simple tweaking is necessary to remain relevant—rather than a major overhaul....


We live in an ultra-competitive society. And we live in a society which loves winners and dismisses losers. That’s part of the reason why people take it so hard when they botch something or lose at something after putting in significant effort to succeed. I mean: what will people think? What will they...

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Are You Marketing Your Business as the Local Go-To Resource?

Business is tough. Customers are holding on to their dollars. You know they shop around for the best deal: it’s human nature, after all. So what are you doing about it? More than likely, you’re battening down the hatches, trimming every conceivable expense and holding on so you can ride this economy out.


But is that the right thing to do? Something from one of my business courses always stuck with me. Hard times are really great opportunities to start and advance businesses. Huh?


It’s true. Some of the largest, best businesses in America were born during times of economic recession and upheaval. That’s still happening today. So what do some people know that others don’t?


Well, they look at things from a different vantage point. So should we. What’s the single biggest problem for your customer right now? The high cost of gasoline. Think about it: the high cost of gas impacts every product consumers purchase. Add to that the length of their shopping trips to go out and buy, and you have a distinct advantage you didn’t know you had.


It’s time to market your business as the “go-to local resource”. The hometown purveyor of products people need and want. The local savvy service provider. Of course it isn’t sufficient to say these things. It’s important to really step up now.

  • Shore up your offerings to make sure you’ve got what your customer is coming to you for.
  • Not sure? Ask them.
  • Don’t have it in stock? Special order it.
  • Make sure your service is top notch.
  • Lead by example and show your employees how to treat your customers as old friends.


Why would you allow this opportunity to pass you by? Why not make lifelong customers and friends beginning today? Even after this economy improves, why would your customers go anywhere else, even if they do save a couple of bucks?



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