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You can bet that most companies and brands are totally focused on selling these days and that the hard sell tactics of the past are child’s play compared to what’s going on now.


Sure, it’s more competitive than ever out there and new business isn’t always easy to land in spite of all of our...


We have too many business owners and CEOs looking askance at their marketing efforts these days. Some are convinced that their marketing isn’t working at all and others feel it isn’t working effectively. (They’re probably right.) That’s why they’re looking for ROI to substantiate that their marketing...


Mark Twain was quoted once as saying: “I’ve lived through some terrible things in my life, some of which actually happened.” He’s always been one of my favorite American writers because Twain had deep insights into human nature and an uncanny way of summing things up in a dry, succinct manner. He had...

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Content Marketing: Part 2. What’s New?
In my last post, I talked about the basics of content marketing. But there really is something new under the sun. Content marketing doesn’t only encompass traditional marketing tactics. It also facilitates customer conversations. Content inspires customers to respond and we all know that conversations can lead to the establishment of meaningful relationships if handled well.
You know: the interchanges that happen over the phone, via email, customer service complaints and face-to-face conversations are opportunities to service customers well and to solve their problems quickly, efficiently and empathetically. Every dialogue is an opportunity to win the customer over and to solidify a relationship.
Caveat: Every employee needs to understand that they are the brand to the customer. No amount of content marketing means a thing if the customer experience is a poor one at every contact point with the company.
Content marketing has the power to take a business one step further if fully implemented with social media. Twitter, Facebook, a company blog enables the business to share insights, offer solutions to problems and discuss industry specific issues with their customers. It attracts the kinds of customers who have need of the services of the business and encourages conversation.
Engagement of this nature can yield solid new business. The kind of business that is a true fit for the company and the customer. We all know how long it can take to qualify leads; content marketing can get businesses there sans endless research.
Sounds good, but before implementing social media, businesses must:
  • Be committed from the top down. Get a number of voices from the company to participate. While each has a unique voice it is important that they all represent the company brand faithfully.
  • Be willing work at posting good content. Poor quality content is damaging to the image of the business. Banal content that doesn’t offer new ideas, insights and substance isn’t worth executing. It doesn’t win customers. Make it meaningful.
  • Be mindful that the content should center on the company’s core and its expertise. Be passionate about helping your customer.
  • Be there. Putting content out there, getting comments from potential customers and not responding is as bad as not responding to customer inquiries promptly via email or telephone messages.
  • Be genuine and truthful in all communications. Be humble and approachable.
  • Lastly, be open-minded. If negatives arise, handle them tactfully and offer real solutions. There’s nothing like turning a gripe into a positive for your company.
It’s so important to be committed and engage meaningfully with potential customers when adding social media to the marketing mix.
What would you add to this list and why?
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